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The Original Rebel. Reborn.

Go-kart grip, iconic design, and packed to the tailgate with tomorrow’s technology. The MINI 3 Door Hatch is reinvented to blow your mind all over again.

MINI 3 Door Hatch, Twin Power turbo engine


It’s all about the drive. The MINI 3 Door Hatch runs on a brand new Twin Power turbo engine that’s faster and even more fuel-efficient. Double whammy. We’ve also pumped up the go-kart handling by widening the track width, improving the suspension and keeping the centre of gravity low. Slam round corners and bomb it down the straights – that’s what it’s made for.

MINI 3 Door Hatch,  MINI Driving modes

Chill or thrill?

Switch up your drive. MINI Driving Modes adapt performance to match your mood. Just twist the ring around the shift gate to alter your MINI’s driving experience and responsiveness. Relaxed Sunday afternoon? Go GREEN for a softer experience, optimised for fuel efficiency. Need your nerves jangled? Jump into SPORT with ultra-responsive steering and acceleration.

MINI 3 Door Hatch  head-up display

Head in the game.

Keep your eyes on the road with the MINI Head-Up Display. A transparent panel rises up in front of the windscreen and projects driving data just below your view of the road. Checking information like speed or navigation prompts has never been easier.

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Night never falls in a MINI. Get glowing with ambient LED lighting throughout the interior. Choose from a huge number of different colours along the spectrum and set the light to match your vibe. Bright lights, big city, your MINI.

Safety in every detail.

The MINI 3 Door Hatch boasts a whole new set of safety features. Intelligent sensors take the guesswork out of tricky driving situations, while an array of features protect you in the event of a collision. So while it’s still a blast to drive, it’s also safer than ever.

MINI 3 Door Hatch, MINI Advanced braking technology.

Advanced braking.

Advanced braking technology keeps you in complete control. Latest-generation anti-lock brakes allow you to stop quickly on slippery roads and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) distributes braking force between wheels to suit the driving conditions. Cornering Brake Control (CBC) improves stability on cornering at speed, while Brake Assist speeds up the process, minimising the braking distance.

MINI 3 Door Hatch Split second airbags.

Split-second airbags.

If disaster strikes, the MINI puts an instant wall of protection around you. Six airbags in the front and back deploy instantly, along with side curtain airbags. The seat belt tensioners lock you tightly in place, keeping you and your passengers clear from the dashboard and front seats.

Design in detail.

Take a closer look at the MINI 3 Door Hatch. Touching permitted…

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MINI’s radiator grille is now even more impressive, with its hexagonal design and seamless chrome frame. The big circular headlights are slightly wider apart, adding a striking edge to the classic face, and are finished off with glittering Chrome surrounds.

MINI 3 Door Hatch Start button


Glowing softly with red LEDs, the large Start button signals a new adventure. Feel your MINI come alive with one small touch: the engine revs and you’re ready to go.

MINI headlights LED lights


Past meets future. We’ve added an optional semi-circle of LED daytime running lights to the traditional circular MINI headlamps for a striking look. These can be upgraded to full LEDs.

MINI Body hugging seats.


Feel in control wherever you’re sat. Front sport seats come as standard, with a comfortable body-hugging shape. Choose from a range of trims, including Black Pearl cloth/Leatherette, Diamond cloth/leather, Cross Punch leather and Lounge leather.

MINI Mirror caps and colours

Contrast your colour.

The devil’s in the detail: have your roof and exterior mirror caps in Aspen White, Jet Black or Body colour. Want to mix it up even more? Choose from a range of funky optional extras.

MINI 3 Door Hatch body colours.


Choose from a wide variety of MINI specific colours. Alongside the standard colour Moonwalk Grey we offer ten optional colours: Pepper White, Volcanic Orange, Blazing Red, Midnight Black, British Racing Green, Deep Blue, Thunder Grey, Melting Silver, White Silver and Chili Red, and the very deep and highly pigmented special colour MINI Yours Lapisluxury Blue.

MINI Hatch Customisable interior.


Styled to perfection. You can customise your interior in more ways than you ever imagined. Tweak the finer details of your interior surfaces, the doors, the instrument panel and structural elements, along with the added options of Colour Line and Chrome Line.

Rear view of the MINI 3-door hatch.


From behind, the MINI 3 Door Hatch has a dynamic and polished presence. Taillights are bigger with a sleek Chrome surround, and below there’s not one, but two tailpipes. At least those trying to catch you up get a great view.

John Cooper Works Chili Package.

Want to make your MINI even hotter?

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Spiced up exterior.

Go for the John Cooper Works Chili trim level, which comes with 17” black John Cooper Works alloy wheels, the JCW Aerodynamic Bodykit including JCW styled bumpers, vanished site skirts and a special tailored JCW rear spoiler.

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Race feeling comes from your inside.

Race the streets with the breathtaking interior style of the John Cooper Works Chili Trim Level. You are unstoppable with the John Cooper Works Steering Wheel, the Stainless Steel Pedals and much more.

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Step in and get excited.

It all starts when you get on board of your trimmed MINI 3-door Hatch. Door entry strips hint at the thrills to come and the Cloth Leather Diamond Carbon Black Sport Seats provide a perfect racing position.

All systems go.

MINI Centre Instrument is the window to a world of technology features and online services. The famous speedo that used to sit there has been moved behind the steering wheel, and that iconic circular interface is now a gorgeous high resolution colour display depending on chosen radio variant. This crystal clear screen controls everything from entertainment and navigation, to the advanced technology of MINI Connected. Think music, social streams, satellite navigation, driving information and in-car apps. Around the edge of the display runs an LED ring that flashes different colours to communicate different events. It’s the MINI’s beating heart.

MINI Connected

MINI Connected.

Cutting-edge technology meets MINI spirit: this is the sociable sidekick to your driving adventures. The optional MINI Connected pack links you up to phone cell for music and calls.

MINI rearview camera

Eyes all round.

The rearview camera gives you a perfect view behind, and even superimposes helpful markings on the image to help you park. And Park Assist helps you find a space and guides your MINI into tricky spots – without you even touching the steering wheel. Look, no hands.

MINI Centre Instrument


The LED ring around the MINI Centre Instrument changes colour in reponse to different events. Like music volume, revving the engine, telephone calls and navigation prompts.

MINI Clever maintenence.

Clever maintenance.

Thanks to Teleservices, a MINI ensures health issues never go unnoticed. It knows when it needs fixing and automatically sends diagnostic data to your MINI service partner. Or you can make a call yourself to pre-empt any issues.

MINI centre instrument. MINI XL Journey mate.

Never lost.

Housed in the MINI Centre Instrument, the cutting-edge MINI Navigation System keeps you right on track. For travel assistance from doorstep to destination, upgrade to MINI Connected XL Journey Mate. It’s a route planner, travel guide and calendar all rolled into one, and even informs you about traffic, weather and parking.

John Cooper Works

Go all out.

More power. More exclusive enhancements. And more fun. MINI John Cooper Works models are descended from John Cooper’s rally legends and are just as impressive now as when they were champions of the track. If you are looking to up the excitement as well as the exclusivity of your MINI, look no further.